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$155,000 Air BnB Investment in Potrero

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“Air BnB Investment in Potrero”

Earn 12% interest per year

Invest $155,000.00

Earn $1,550.00 per month

That is $18,600.00 per year

It is a 36 – month term loan

That is $55,800.00 in profits



Amount Requested: $155,000 USD

Term Desired: 3 years
Loan-to-Value Ratio: about 51%
Fire sale price:  $300,000 given the number of units, with these rough and conservative calculations:
4 units at average $100/night (bungalows)
1 unit at average $150/night (villa)
$550 total, at 50% occupancy = $100,000/year gross
40% for expenses – $60,000 EBITDA, multiply by 5 years to get $300,000

INS appraisal $450,000 (current appraisal by insurance company INS)
Land Area: 526 m2
Construction Area: 420 m2
Property Location: Playa Potrero, Guanacaste

Property Description: This property is located 300 m from the beach, in the prime area in Potrero Beach, minutes away from 5 beaches, including Playa Flamingo. These beautiful, 4 hexagon-shaped cabins with a separate villa have 3 rooms with individual bathrooms and an incredible master suite. This Air BnB Property has 8 beds in total with a bar and pool. This building has undergone a significant renovation. The bar and dining area is located underneath the Master suite.

Use of Funds: The borrower needs the money to complete the bar/restaurant, a minor upgrade to the bathrooms, and pay off an existing mortgage. Although he has a successful physical therapy business in Canada, he prefers the warm weather of Costa Rica in winter. The borrower would like the loan ASAP to capture a good chunk of the high season opportunities while he can.

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