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Equity Loans are investment opportunities, and we want you to benefit from these opportunities. This is why we created our “Investor Alerts” system to keep you abreast of our latest equity loans available for processing.

When you receive an investor alert in your email inbox, you will see an announcement of an investment opportunity that contains the following information:

  • Requested Loan Amount + Fees
  • Borrower Desired Interest Rate
  • Loan-to-Value Ratio
  • Loan Term Desired
  • Land Measurements
  • Home Measurements
  • Property Location
  • Property Photos + Description
  • Retail Value
  • Purpose of Loan

We perform all due diligence to ensure the loan opportunity is secure (registry checks, site inspections).


Many private investors see these alerts, so we can not guarantee that you will always obtain a particular investment opportunity you desire.

Also we recommend you join “Inner Circle VIPs”. As a part of our “Inner Circle VIPs” group, you will receive preferential access to profitable Equity Loan Opportunities in Costa Rica before they are announced to our general list of private lenders.

As you know, money lending is a fast-moving business, and we need lenders to understand that and make quick decisions. Keep in mind; borrowers may have already applied to other lending companies. Because of that, we try to close loans within a few days. (If we don’t, the competition will!)

To move fast and close loans, we need to know how much funds you would like to invest in the next few months.


At Gap Investment, our goal is to give you a higher return than what you could get on your own, with the risks adequately assessed and managed.

Make safe, consistent returns by investing in Costa Rica each month by making a home equity loan in Costa Rica secured by a mortgage.

Gap Investments can be a better choice in the flexibility of terms offered to benefit both parties mutually.


If you have any questions, CONTACT US TODAY!

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