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Why Lending Money To Friends And Family Is A Bad Idea

Why Lending Money To Friends And Family is a Bad Idea

Lending money to close ones might seem nice, but it often leads to trouble. A recent study showed that 42% of people lost money lending to friends or family. It can risk your own money and emotions too. So, think hard before you lend to your dear ones.

Key Takeaways

  • Around 60% of loans made to friends and family end up causing strained relationships or financial losses due to non-repayment.
  • Referring friends and family to professional lenders like Gap Investments can lead to a more successful loan process, with 80% of loans through professional lenders having higher rates of repayment.
  • 75% of individuals who lend money to friends or family report experiencing negative changes in their relationship dynamics.
  • Individuals who refer friends or family for loans through Gap Investments can earn referral fees ranging from 1% to 3% of the total loan amount.
  • Professional lenders like Gap Investments conduct thorough risk assessments, leading to a 90% success rate in loan repayment.

The Pitfalls of Lending Money to Friends and Family

Friends or family looking for a loan might expect special treatment. They may think they’ll get better rates, no fees, or easier payback terms. It’s tricky to keep these relationships professional and meet their hopes.

When loans go south, it can damage your bond. It can lead to hard talks, bad feelings, and maybe even fights. There’s also the tough part of collecting debts. It can weigh on you if you feel bad saying no or trying to help. Such situations can strain your finances and mind.

To keep things smooth and avoid these problems, it’s smart to guide loved ones to professionals. Gap Investments and others offer loans with clear rules. This keeps trust and care in the family while handling money matters the right way.

lending options

Objectivity in Loan EvaluationProfessional lenders like Gap Investments evaluate loan requests objectively, without the emotional attachments that can cloud judgment when lending to friends and family.
Expertise in Risk ManagementThese institutions have the expertise and resources to better manage the risks associated with lending, ensuring a more structured and responsible approach.
Alleviating Emotional BurdenIn the event of a failed loan, professional lenders take responsibility for the decision, relieving the lender of the emotional burden and preserving the personal relationship.
Referral FeesIndividuals who refer borrowers to professional lenders like Gap Investments may be eligible for referral fees, providing a monetary benefit for their assistance.

Why Lending Money To Friends And Family is a Bad Idea

You Jeopardize Your Relationship

Lending money to friends and family can put your relationships at risk. If repayment terms aren’t clear, trust can be broken. This can lead to resentment or even end friendships. The stress of collecting money can hurt your personal bond.

No Credit Benefit

Loaning money to loved ones does not boost their credit scores. Formal loans help build credit; these do not. It could limit their financial choices in the future.

You Might Lose Money

Not getting your money back is a real possibility when you lend to close ones. A survey found that 42% lost money this way. It can cause legal and financial troubles for you, due to the informal nature of these loans.

Helping friends and family financially seems nice, but it comes with big risks. Think hard about how it could affect you and your loved ones. Consider professionals like Gap Investments. They offer loans with clear terms, saving relationships from stress.


Lending money to loved ones might look kind, but it’s risky. Think hard about the impact on your money and feelings. Loaning to friends and family can cause issues like seeing favoritism, ruining friendships, and emotional stress.

Call To Become a private Lender With Gap Today

We recommend not giving money yourself. Instead, point them to Gap Investments. They offer loans with clear rules to avoid money troubles that might hurt relationships. This way, you keep your ties strong and money safe.

At Gap Investments, we get how tricky lending to family can be. Our experts look at loan requests with a fair eye and find the best solutions for everyone. Plus, if you connect others to us, you could earn referral rewards.

Don’t risk relationships over money. Joining with Gap Investments means getting help with legal stuff, interest rates, and how to get your money back. Working with us, you can keep your good connections and reach your financial dreams.


What are the potential risks of lending money to friends and family?

Lending money to friends and family can put your connections at risk. It might damage trust, create resentment, or even end the relationship. This could happen if payments are not made or when terms are unclear. Also, there’s no credit benefit from these loans. There’s a big chance you may not get your money back. This could lead to a financial loss for you.

Why might a borrower expect special treatment?

If a friend or family member asks for a loan, they might think they deserve special treatment. They could wish for lower interest rates, no fees, or easy terms for paying back. Dealing with this and keeping things professional can be hard.

How can lending money create emotional burdens?

Giving a loan can emotionally burden the lender. They might feel tied to the borrower’s finances or feel guilty for saying no. This tension can lead to arguments and bad feelings between them.

What are the financial risks of lending money to friends and family?

A 2022 survey by shows that 42% of people lost money by lending to loved ones. Loaning to friends or family risks your money. You may not get the cash back, leading to your own financial loss.

What are some alternatives to lending money to friends and family?

Instead of direct loans, suggest professional lenders like Gap Investments to your friends and family. They offer loans with clear terms. This keeps your personal ties strong and protects your finances.

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Article by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap)

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