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$82,000 Investment in Tambor, Puntarenas

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“Investment in a Property with Ocean View”

Earn 12% interest per year

Invest $82,000.00

Earn $820.00 per month

That is $9,840.00 per year

It is a 36 – month term loan

That is $29,520.00 in profits



Amount Requested: $82,000 USD

Term Desired:years
Loan-to-Value Ratio: about 11.2%
Land Area: about 580,000 m2
Valuation: $733,000 ($1.25 per m2)
Use of Funds: This loan is being requested by the borrower in order to prepare the property for sale. The funds will be invested into the property to increase the property value, and more importantly, to make it more appealing for sale.

The borrower’s price for the property: $1,175,000.00 ($2.00 per m2).

The borrower has already begun listing the property with several real estate agents that are located in Santa Teresa (a booming beach town with many foreigners looking to buy property in the country).

Property Location: This collateral property is located in Tambor in the province of Puntarenas.

Resting in the valley of a horseshoe-shaped bay, Tambor is a small quiet beach town that nurtures a laid-back atmosphere. This village is located on the west coast of Costa Rica along the Gulf of Nicoya, where calm waters ride up on a grey-hued shores colored from the neighboring volcano. With plenty of cozy hotels nearby and a beach easily accessed by car, Tambor makes for a perfect family escape.

Some of the activities available to both residents and tourists are:

  • Water Activities
  • Fishing
  • Beach Walks
  • Horse Walking
  • Tour of Tortuga Islands
  • Curu Wildlife Refuge

Property Description: This collateral property is 58 hectares (580,000 m2)  located a few kilometers from popular beaches in Tambor, Puntarenas.

The borrower has acquired the following permits (available for viewing upon request):

  • “Uso de Suelo” (land use permit) with ample possibilities (i.e. condos, hotels, agriculture)
  • Water permits 

The property has these additional attributes:

  • 3 natural water Springs
  • Several terrazas (land areas) with ocean views. Each area has ample space for houses with helicopter-landing pads.




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Article by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap)

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