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Mortgage Solutions In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Mortgage Solutions |

We know the ins and outs of the Costa Rican real estate scene at Offering Costa Rica mortgage solutions, our aim is to help you navigate through your home financing options smoothly. With our leading position as mortgage lenders in Costa Rica, you can trust our mortgage advice.

Looking for a property loan for a new home? Or need real estate financing for a big project? Our team has the experience and dedication to turn your property dreams into reality. stands out by providing personalized, fast, and tailored financing solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • is a leading source of mortgage solutions in Costa Rica.
  • Our expertise in home financing offers stability and predictability for your investments.
  • We provide personalized real estate financing and property loan services.
  • Fast, flexible, and informed mortgage advice is a cornerstone of our client relationships.
  • Our vast experience positions us as a top choice among mortgage lenders in Costa Rica.

Mortgage Solutions in Costa Rica

At Gap Investments, we’re proud to offer top mortgage solutions in Costa Rica. We emphasize personal service and fast action. In the fast-paced real estate loans in Costa Rica, we save time by avoiding bank delays. This way, we offer quick property financing options in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican Mortgage Lenders

Looking for affordable home loans in Costa Rica? Our network of private Costa Rican mortgage lenders helps. You get low interest mortgages in Costa Rica, suited to your needs.

Benefits of Working with Private Lenders

We connect you with top mortgage brokers in Costa Rica. Our experts make Costa Rica property investment financing and refinancing easy. You’ll enjoy flexible loans without the hassle of big banks. Here’s why our approach is preferred:

  • Quick loan approvals
  • Loans tailored to you
  • Access to private funding
  • A trust-based partnership

Competitive Interest Rates and Flexible Loan Terms

We believe in competitive mortgage rates in Costa Rica. Our loan options range from short equity loans to easy refinancing. This ensures you get the best rates in Costa Rica. Below are our loan statistics:

Loan TermsInterest RatesClosing CostsLoan Size
6 months to 3 years12% to 18% annuallyApprox. 8% of loan amount$50,000 to $1,000,000+

We aim to offer you an affordable home loan in Costa Rica. Our solutions fit your financial plans. Interest-only payments add flexibility, making it easier for future refinancing or your property’s sale.

Securing Loans with Real Estate Assets

We see the value in using property as leverage. Our low interest mortgages in Costa Rica use property for collateral. This gives you funds without selling assets. It’s a strategy that offers capital for more investment, helping you grow in Costa Rica’s real estate market.

Gap Investments is known for efficiency, aiming to close loans in 10 days. This speed outpaces traditional banks. Every loan we handle proves that the right financial partner can speed up success. We’re here to help you achieve your real estate investment dreams.

Investment Opportunities with Gap Investments

At Gap Investments, we offer amazing investment chances in Costa Rica to boost your portfolio and get big returns. We’re a top mortgage lender in Costa Rica, with profitable real estate investments. These range from strong residential to versatile commercial projects.

We’re proud to give detailed mortgage refinance solutions in Costa Rica and custom Costa Rica mortgage services. Investing is easy with our simple application process. Our team makes sure each property meets Costa Rican laws for your safety.

Costa Rica Mortgage Services

We want to show our commitment to clear, informed investing. Below is a table with important numbers from Gap Investments:

Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV)Average Interest RateAvailable Investment Amount (USD)Typical Loan Term
10%12%$50,000 – $3,000,0006 months to 3 years
30%14%Varies based on project requirement
40-50%16%Adjustable to investor’s preference

We aim for fast and reliable funding. Our processes are speedy, and we work with top lawyers. We keep our investors updated on the latest investment chances. Every part of our service aims to create the best conditions for both investors and borrowers.

We welcome careful investors to explore the varied, profitable opportunities we offer over 3-6 months. We ensure all properties are thoroughly checked. This makes for a secure and promising entry into the Costa Rican real estate market.


Since starting in 2008, Gap Investments has played a key role in our clients’ financial wins. We provide expert mortgage and investment help in Costa Rica. Our loans have low interest rates from 12% to 16% a year, based mainly on the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. We’re proud to be a financial ally, offering both flexible and affordable mortgage options in Costa Rica.

We understand the need for personalized financial solutions. Our loans range from 6 months to 3 years, designed to meet our clients’ different needs. Closing costs are about 8% of the loan amount. This includes consulting and legal fees. With experts like Lawsen Tellier and Glenn Tellier leading, our clients are confident. They know their affordability of mortgages in Costa Rica is with knowledgeable hands.

For private investors looking for good returns, Gap Investments is a goldmine. Our recommended pre-payment penalty guarantees lenders benefit from at least one year of interest. This creates profitable relationships that last. We help connect people with home loans or new financial opportunities. We set a high standard for private investors and homeowners in Costa Rica’s beautiful setting.


What types of mortgage solutions does offer in Costa Rica?

We offer many mortgage solutions, like property loans and real estate financing. We also give you customized mortgage advice. Our services go beyond what traditional banks do. We have competitive rates and flexible terms, focusing on private lending secured by real estate.

How do the home financing options with private lenders compare to traditional banks?

Private lenders like us provide big benefits. You can get loans approved fast, usually in 7-10 days. We offer flexible terms and competitive rates. Our process uses your property as collateral, making funding faster than with traditional banks.

Are there any advantages to choosing for my mortgage needs?

Yes, clients enjoy our quick and easy application process. We offer some of the best mortgage solutions in Costa Rica. You’ll find low interest mortgages and flexible financing options with us. Our services are designed for your particular financial needs.

Can I secure a loan with my real estate assets in Costa Rica?

Certainly. Our loans are secured by real estate. This lets you use your property’s value without selling it. Our loans have lower interest rates with terms that match your financial goals. This is ideal for investing, renovating, consolidating debt, or starting a business.

What investment opportunities can be pursued with Gap Investments?

As a private investor with us, you can get into high-return real estate investments in Costa Rica. We finance residential and commercial projects, and construction developments. Our investments offer competitive returns through a clear process.

How can Gap Investments help me refinance my property in Costa Rica?

We have tailored mortgage refinance solutions. These can offer more favorable terms than your current loan. Refinancing could lower your payments, decrease your interest rate, and match your financial plans better.

What are the mortgage rates in Costa Rica with private lenders?

Private lenders like Gap Investments have rates based on the loan to value ratio (LTV) and the market. We aim to offer the best rates in Costa Rica, tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

How do I apply for a mortgage or investment opportunity with Gap Investments?

Applying with us is easy and straightforward. You can do it online through our website, or contact us on WhatsApp for more convenience. Our goal is to simplify securing a mortgage or investment for you.

Do Gap Investments cater to expatriates seeking mortgages in Costa Rica?

Yes, we have mortgage solutions for expatriates. We understand the challenges expats face when buying property overseas. Our services are designed to guide foreign nationals in the Costa Rican mortgage market efficiently.

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Article by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap)

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