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The Investor Alerts

The Investor Alerts: How Gap Investments Ensures Quality Loans for Private Investors

Gap Investments has been giving good loans to private investors for a long time. During our due diligence process, we pay a lot of attention to ensure that our investors get the best investment opportunities possible. In this article, we’ll look more closely at the Investor Alert process and how we ensure that our loans are suitable investments for our clients.


Our Due Diligence Process

Before we send out an investor alert, we complete a thorough due diligence process that includes the following steps:

  1. Checking the National Registry for any legal issues on the property.
  2. Proprietary valuation of the property.
  3. Verifying that applicable taxes are up to date.
  4. Verifying the status of home insurance.
  5. Site visit and inspection to see the quality of construction and if there are any major maintenance issues.

By completing these steps, we can ensure that solid assets back the loans we offer our investors and are a sound investment.


Automated Mail List

Once we have completed our due diligence process, we send investor alerts to our lenders via a uniquely automated mail list. It can take up to two hours for an investor alert to arrive in your inbox but don’t worry. Just because someone receives the alert before you doesn’t mean they have replied to it sooner than you have. Always click if interested, even the next day or even longer.


Getting More Information

When an investor receives an alert, they may click the “I am interested in this loan” button to get more information. Depending on their inquiries, they may pursue the loan or may not. We encourage our clients to ask any questions they may have and to ensure they fully understand the loan before making any investment decisions.


Having Funds Available in Costa Rica

One major issue that arises is having funds available for this loan. As foreigners, we know that bringing large amounts of money into Costa Rica is a mind-boggling experience! We have had people try for longer than 30 days. Often, borrowers would prefer not to wait that long for various reasons and ask us to obtain another lender with their money in the country and ready to go. We then go to the next investor on the list who indicated their interest in the loan.

NOTE: It’s important to know that not every loan makes it to the investor alert list. If someone tells us they have just brought in $500,000 USD and would like it out as fast as possible, we create a profile and call that person first when a loan that fits their criteria becomes available. This helps us provide our clients with the best investment opportunities matching their needs. Loans come in all shapes and sizes, so the better we understand what we have to work with, the easier it will be to find you an outstanding loan.


Lenders: Update Your Status

We understand that investment amounts and the timing of available funds for upcoming loans can change. We encourage our Lenders to contact us to update your status, so that we can accommodate everyone. If you have your money ready, feel free to WhatsApp me at +506 4001 6413 to get your funds out ASAP.



Gap Investments takes excellent care in our due diligence process to ensure our private investors receive the best possible investment opportunities. We provide detailed information about each loan, including our valuation, loan amount, loan term, and interest rate, to help our clients make informed investment decisions. We encourage our clients to ask any questions and contact us for updates on their status regarding investment amounts and the timing of having funds available for upcoming loans.

-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of Grupo Gap)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an investor alert?

    An investor alert is a notification that Gap Investments sends to its lenders once it has completed its due diligence on a particular loan opportunity.

    How does Gap Investments perform its due diligence?

    Gap Investments performs due diligence by checking the National Registry for legal issues on the property, conducting a proprietary valuation, verifying that applicable taxes are up to date, verifying home insurance, and conducting a site visit and inspection to assess construction quality major maintenance issues.

    How do I indicate my interest in a loan opportunity?

    If you are interested in a loan opportunity, click the “I am interested in this loan” button in the investor alert email. Depending on your inquiries, you may then pursue the loan or not.

    What if I don’t have funds for a loan in Costa Rica?

    If you do not have funds available for a loan in Costa Rica, Gap Investments may have to seek out another lender with funds in the country and ready to go. They will contact that person first when a loan that fits their criteria becomes available.

    How do I update Gap Investments on my investment status?

    Feel free to contact Gap Investments with updates on your status regarding investment amounts and the timing of having funds available for upcoming loans. They will try their best to accommodate everyone. Feel free to contact us with updates on your status “HERE.”

    What information does Gap Investments provide to lenders interested in a loan not on the investor alerts?

    Gap Investments provides lenders interested in a loan that is not on the investor alerts with detailed information, such as the booking reservations of an Airbnb for the last year. They like to see how well the business is doing but will not ask for income certification, local credit checks, or check what is owed on a vehicle.

    What is the investor alert process?

    The investor alert process involves showing you the asset, the valuation, the loan amount, the loan term, and the interest rate.



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    Article by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap)

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